It was July 2018 when I first met Glory. Our team was with my church, Inland Vineyard, passing out condoms to those working in the sex industry when I saw an out of place, sweet young man standing in the shadows waiting for men to offer him a price. I knew the moment I saw him, that he was created for much more than this. I gently approached him and he was very open about how he disliked this work and that he wanted out. We exchanged numbers and I pursued other job opportunities for him.

 I was preparing to meet Glory again, this time to explain about Shear Love's barbering program. I called to meet with him, but the number was disconnected and I had no way to contact him. I was devastated. 

 For two months I walked up and down the street I originally met him on, praying that I would see him again. I had almost lost hope, when one night while doing outreach with a team from Crossroads Church, I saw him standing in the same exact spot. I was shocked. I ran to him screaming and he ran back screaming! He said, “Juliannneeeeee!! I am sorry my phone broke. I am so happy to see you!”

 We talked for maybe ten minutes and he shared again how he hated what he was doing to provide for his family. I got his new number and assured him that I would help him. Our team went back the next night and took him and his friend to get ice cream and we shared all about Shear Love's barber program and that there could possibly be a spot for him.

 I asked Glory, “So, what do you think?”

 He responded, “When can I start?”

 The next morning he walked more than 2 miles in 100º heat to come to Shear Love for an interview. Glory explained how for so long he relied on elderly Western men to take care of him, but now he wanted to take care of himself. We interviewed him and he started the barber program the very next day.

 On his first day of school with tears in his eyes he said to me, “You make my life better.”

Caught off guard and a little choked up, I replied, “You make my life better.” 


There is more to this story, Glory’s journey continues and there are so many more wonderful moments ahead. To read the rest of this story, you can find it in Volume 3 of our Awaken Magazine where it was originally published. Any of our Awaken Magazines can be purchased to support students like Glory at our Shear Love Shop online.