Dianna Bautista

Shear Love International • Director of Shear Love International

After helping to build and develop educational beauty programs in Kenya, Uganda, Brazil, Mexico, Cambodia, and now Thailand, Dianna is committed to living in Thailand indefinitely to give men and women opportunity through a career in hair design. Giving hope and a future to men and women through vocational training has become her mission. Her greatest joy is seeing students equipped to build a future for their families and have a voice in the world. • 1 Peter 3:3-4

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Alex Avila

Shear Love International • Barbering Program Mentor

As a skilled musician and avid seeker of justice, Alex has paired his two passions and moved to Pattaya, Thailand. Serving the barber students of Shear Love as a mentor, he will also be utilizing his passion for music to provide music therapy to those rescued from trafficking and exploitation. • Luke 4:18

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Kelli Martin

Shear Love International • Lead Beauty Educator

Kelli has always had a passion for hair design and missions. Following her grandfathers legacy on the mission field, she has made Thailand her home to lend her knowledge of barbering to men who have been rescued throughout South East and Central Asia.

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Krista Hoffer

Krista Hoffer

Shear Love International • Counselor

As a licensed professional counselor, Krista provides healing and therapy for all of the Shear Love Thailand students in our care. By carefully assessing their trauma, she is able to guide them in their journey to a new life. The restorative care that Krista is giving is crucial to the long term success of our students. • Exodus 33:12-14

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Karissa Wagoner 

Creative Life Foundation • Short Term Programs Coordinator

After traveling and serving the globe for more than 5 years, Karissa has had extensive experience teaching and caring for those in need. Cambodia, India, and Kenya are just a few of the countries where she has served along side organizations who are supporting those who are impoverished and at risk. Karissa has now committed full time to serving those at risk and rescued in Bangkok, Thailand. • Isaiah 54:10

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Joshua, Tina, & Savanna Dubois

Free Rain International • Vocational Cafe Training/Community Outreach

The Dubois made Thailand their home in 2017 to see families grow and be united in Jesus. After taking ownership of a local cafe, they began a local feeding program in the impoverished communities of Pattaya. Spearheading the initiative Compassion Carts, the Dubois family has provided education, medical care, and nutritional care to families in need.

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Julianne Kowalski

Shear Love International • Outreach Director

After serving globally with YWAM, Julianne came to serve in Thailand in the red light districts of Pattaya. She knew that the Lord was calling her to a long term mission to meet the women enslaved in the sex industry. Her vision is to create relationships with women forced to work ing he sex industry and provide them with the opportunity to have an education and have freedom. • Acts 2:22

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Jamie & Stephanie Henderson

Shear Love International • Lead Barber Instructor - Jamie

Administrator - Stephanie

Jamie and Stephanie have huge hearts for Thailand and are passionate for seeing freedom for those being exploited. As our organization’s Administrator, Stephanie oversees operations and finances in Thailand. As Lead Barber Instructor, Jamie leads the rescued and at-risk men in our program through their education into their careers.

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Sara Wondergem

Shear Love International • English Instructor/Social Media Manager

Sara felt called to Thailand to serve those in need. Learning all she could about the fight for freedom, she now is using her talents and skills as a graphic design artist to provide exemplary design work for the whole of Free Rain International. Sara also serves as Shear Love’s English Instructor giving our beauty and barber students a new language and a new voice.

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