Graphic Designer

• Year Round •

If you love design and using art to eradicate injustice, this is the position for you. We are looking for a graphic designer to help create content for social media, t-shirts, and training materials. You can apply for an apprentice 6 month + term or inquire about freelance work. If you do well with deadlines and want to make a different with your passion, email us today!


OUtreach Crew

• Year Round •

Dedication: 3 month min


It is vital that we have a team purely dedicated to outreach and statistical research within the red light districts. This team would be highly trained to build relationships with those in the brothels and share about our restorative programs. You would also go out to remind those not in our care yet about english classes and other opportunities. These individuals would need to be highly motivated, great at self-care and management, spiritually and emotionally intelligent, and street smart. If you are willing to be trained and motivated to truly be on the front-lines, apply today!

Barber Educator

• Year Round •

Dedication: 2 month min

We are searching for a licensed barber to help educate and empower our rescued men and boys by providing an education in hair design through our initiative, Shear Love International. Equipping survivors with vocational knowledge, financial training, and personal development will give them an opportunity to support themselves and their families in a dignified way. Our full spectrum, faith-based, educational barber school program will give them the chance to succeed and focus forward on their future.

English Teacher

• Open Now •

Dedication: 6 month min..

Teaching our students basic and intermediate English, including grammar and vocabulary, allows them further opportunities for success. We are searching for a TSL or TESOL certified justice seeker to come on board and help those we care for gain a flourishing tomorrow.  You would work closely with those rescued and those within our initiatives and would be immersed in the Thai culture by taking language lessons while living in country! 


• Open Now •

Dedication: 1 year min.

It is imperative for us to focus on the mental health of those in our care. We need a Licensed Therapist or Graduate Intern to lead and guide our survivors through their pasts from abuse and trauma. As a mentor, you will work closely with our students and create proper documentation and holistic treatment plans for each one. By aiding in their psychological well-being you are playing a vital role in the success of their new tomorrow! 

Case management

• Open Now •

Dedication: 1 year min.

We are looking for people who are equipped to care for survivors of human trafficking. As a case worker, your job is to help survivors in their day to day life after rescue. After rescue, proper care is vital to the success of the survivor. Each case worker would manage anywhere between 1-5 cases at a time. Each case is different but this job could include assisting and advocating for the survivor during legal trials and repatriation. Administrative skills are necessary to properly document the process of restoration for each survivor.


For any questions, please email our U.S Director at